Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A country of gods

Pakistani society is plagued with corruption at all levels be it moral, ethical, religious, financial or anything – it has become the basic ingredient of the society’s fabric. It runs in our blood. Country is plagued with so many crises on different levels, but there is one section of populace which is completely insulated from any untoward happening. There is another section which runs on making crises, and there is a list of sections who all hold distinctive positions in this complex polygonal structure of Pakistani state and social fabric.
I have always been told that Pakistan came into being in Aug, 1947 but if we take the current geographical boundaries, our history does extend back to December, 1970 at least. Since the amputation of East Pakistan, we’ve been relatively more or less with same geography leaving aside some adventures that we did on our western borders.

However, recently historians have come up with a new date i.e. 9th of March, 2007 – the day when a member of corrupt ‘ruling elite’ embraced Islam and stood by the constitution by being defiant to a military dictator (the same guy who elevated converted to highest pedestal and showered his all blessings on the individual in return for giving him the legal cover to be the army chief and president at the same time) . On the following days, the prestigious institution of press, started pressing and impressing on our minds the wonders Iftikhar Chaudry did during his term as Chief Justice that started in 2005. All of a sudden, he became a Mujahid against aamriyat! He took his oath on PCO and not Pakistani constitution which was okay, he got his son special favors in civil service, misuse public money – but that was okay because he said no to Musharraf.

Media started pumping air in the balloon, earning millions and billions of rupees by making it the most discussed topics in drawing rooms, verandas, tea stalls, public transports and even among the segment of population who didn’t know even why was it wrong to move a reference against chief justice in a perfectly legal way. Thanks to our prestigious, honest, intellectual journalists, Iftikhar Chaudry was given a ticket to the ‘House of gods’.

The reason I am calling this special group ‘House of gods’ is because they never make a mistake. They are the only custodians of civil rights, law, Pakistan’s sovereignty and principles of morality. People who already were in the ‘House of gods’ of Pakistan are Chiefs of Armed forces, and yes most importantly chief of army staff, Pakistani patriotic generals, media. Since the judicial movement, there has been an addition of two new classes to the ‘House of gods’ which are higher judiciary and lawyers. Whatever they do, we’ve to know that it is in the national interest. Only these people know law. They are mini-gods. We needed these gods because it adds value. And yes, how can I forget – Pakistani nuclear scientists are also now making a back-door entry into this group. They seriously deserve our appreciation on Made In China defense technologies, and now one of them is testing his luck with Thar Coal using a technology which is not suitable according to the poor scientists, but who knows – it’s the pir of Pakistani atomic bomb who is trying his luck so a couple of hundred million dollars here and there is not a big gamble keeping in view the fact that it’s the god himself who is doing it. We got to give god a chance with Thar coal even without his knowledge in minerals, because its his country, not ours – you know?

There is a hierarchy of this very auspicious house I am talking about. On top is our sipah salaar i.e. Saladin of our times – oh yes, I am talking of Army Chief – god of national sovereignty. He is the god of another god, who is the god of justice commonly known as chief justice. Then there are mini-gods or deities. They are in different sizes, shapes and colors. They have to be in favor with the top two gods to enjoy the perks. Islamabad is the Athens of modern times. Those rocky, stony gods of Greeks have now been improvised upon and a new 'House of gods' is ready.

Therefore, my fellow countrymen, if you want to lead a good, peaceful, conscience-less life – please follow ‘House of gods’ in Pakistan.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Story of capitalism